Stay with me.

"Even though, Nanami-sama seems that way, she's a strong-willed girl. Someday, she'll definitely be able to make the flowers bloom."

— Tomoe, v.1 › ch. 4 › p. 23-24.

Threads of Destiny (Stay With Me), the Kamisama Hajimemashita: Tomoe and Momozono Nanami fanlisting has been online since 8th September 2012. Discovery of these two dates back to 2010 where, upon reading then available fourteen chapters, fell in love with them and soon enough, they became my current numero uno shoujo otp, with the series becoming one of my top favorites. So yes, that's two years of procrastinating in applying for this but at least, we're here now. That and perhaps this shall be an incentive to finally work on pages I've been meaning to write. (laughs)

Title Threads of Destiny stems from 'akaii ito' or red strings of fate, which is central regarding the two (READ if you're curious *winkwink*). While destiny and fate often times are used interchangeably with one another, fate is inevitably predetermined - regardless of the actions one takes, x event will occur whilst destiny is a set of predetermined events in one's life that s/he has an active role in shaping. Subtitle Stay With Me is taken from Lisa's original song of the same name and has been my "theme" song for Tomoe and Nanami ever since she released it back in February 21, 2010.

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"You idiot. Why did you come out? Whatever happens, it'll just be me who has to endure it... But now that you've come out, I have no choice to protect you."

— Tomoe to Nanami, v.1 › ch. 4 › p. 29.